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New AC Unit Chandler AZ

Once your air conditioning reaches its 10th year, it is about time to shop for a new one. Even though you know that a new AC unit Chandler AZ will make you enjoy years of comfortable and cool air, not all residents of the area are aware of the many additional perks of getting a brand new cooling unit.

Benefits of purchasing a new AC unit

Lower Energy Consumption

Air conditioning systems have come a very long way for the past decade or two. This is great news for your home’s energy consumption. Among the biggest advantages of getting a new AC system is that it provides a substantial enhancement in energy consumption, particularly if you compare it to your existing cooling system.

Chandler AC Repair recommends you to look for Energy Star-certified units. Models that come with Energy Star certification are expected to meet stringent efficiency standards.

Air conditioners should have SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio of at least 15. But you don’t really need to just settle for 15 SEER rating. You can also look for units that reach 22 SEER as these can dramatically lower your home’s energy consumption.

Reduced Utility Bills

Lower energy consumption means lower utility bills. You will be surprised at how much you can save when you upgrade to a new AC unit Chandler AZ, particularly if you multiply your savings during the average life span of your system.

Improve Comfort

Once your unit ages, they will no longer be able to keep you cool at all times. However, with a cutting edge system, you can always expect for unbeatable comfort.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Aside from keeping your home cool, air conditioning units are also responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of your indoor air. The latest air conditioning units provide indoor air quality technology that is much better than ever, providing excellent humidity control, air purification, as well as ventilation.

If your house has long been struggling with ventilation and humidity, many new air conditioning units are also compatible with add-ons. You can choose to use whole home dehumidifiers and energy recovery ventilators to further improve the quality of your indoor air.

Improved Durability

Do you want to ensure that your new AC unit Chandler AZ will last for as long as possible? Then, you can look for one that performs at high level for at least 10 years. Modern units now have these ability that let you make the most out of your investment, offering you their cooling abilities for a longer time.

More Options

Most of the older air conditioning systems are not always compatible with modern add-ons or features. However, many new cooling systems come with a lengthy list of choices. For example, if you have long been planning to switch to smart thermostat or use zoning systems, you can now do both with your new air conditioner. From energy efficient features to custom cooling options, high tech AC units have them all.